Posted on: February 23, 2008 12:35 pm

3reaZons why fantasy baseball is the best!

I was just thinking about all fantasy sports in general and which was the best one, and hey was that easy! Its clearly not basketball or hockey (Cause who likes working with averages?) and that just leaves Football and Baseball. I pick baseball. I've only played it 1 year (last year) and I came in 4th place after starting 1-4. So here are my reasons why I think fantasy baseball is the best fantasy sport!

Reason 1: It requires much more skill. Here's the thing, any idiot can win fantasy football. My team last year went 12-1 and then lost in our conference championship round and my 12 year old neighbor won it all. Why? Was it cause he was good? No, it was because he got lucky as hell and got Tom Brady. Fantasy baseball on the other hand has much more room for the obsessed scary talented people like me! If you get a bad draft, maybe you get off to a bad start, but there are plenty of weeks to recover and trade and pick up rookies and key free agents. It just seems much better to me

Reason 2: It's much more time consuming. I don't know about you, but I love to get hooked on fantasy sports. When it takes me more than 5 minutes to fix my lineup I actually get happy. And when I realize I made the wrong choice, sure it gets me upset, but it makes it all the more interesting in the long run

Reason 3: It gives you a reason to not care about steroids in baseball. Wait, maybe thats not entirely true. You care, you just don't frown upon it. Who doesn't want someone on steroids on their fantasy team!? I know I sure do! Hey, I don't care if you die before you're 40 just win me a fantasy championship!

This concludes 3reaZons for now.
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