Posted on: January 30, 2009 11:29 am
Edited on: January 30, 2009 11:34 am

Theres a funny thing about parity...

With the loss of yet another number 1 team in college basketball the onther night (The Duke Blue Devils) along with the loss of the number three Pittsburgh Panthers I think it's time to say that there is no team safe this year. What I'm saying is usually every year there is a team that is untouchable. Everyone thought that would be the Tar Heels this year but what have they done? Even with their immense talent they lost twice. Once to a team who lost to HARVARD and St. Louis. Does that make them a bad team? Does it make Pittsburgh a bad team for losing a couple as well? What about Duke or Wake Forest who have lost games as the number 1 seed? The answer is NO! It doesn't. Does it even mean that their team talent is down from years past? Again, no it doesn't.


What I'm getting at is that every team has gotten better. It seems that most teams have a star or two on their roster that on any given night can light up even the best of defenses, outscore the best of offenses, or even just get lucky and win at the buzzer. It makes the game a lot more interesting. Sure, the fans of the big name schools probably get a little frustrated when they lose because they aren't used to it as much but it makes every single game of the year watchable. ESPN has shown games for a couple weeks in a row now where the number one team has toppled (Duke lost this week to Wake, Wake lost to the Hokies, and Pittsburgh lost against Louisville).


Not only is this parity great for the college basketball regular season, but it will be great in the Tournament this year too. We saw glimpses of it last year with a whole bunch of first round upsets mostly happening in Tampa at the St. Pete Times Forum which I was there for. It could be great. Imagine your team, a team who usually doesn't make or do much in the NCAA tourney. Going all the way and winning as a 10 seed. Sound ridiculous? Not really, it could happen. That's the beauty of a tournament and not the BCS.


In conclusion, I will be watching a lot of NCAA hoops this year and I hope you all do the same. Good luck to all your teams.

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