Posted on: February 15, 2008 12:49 pm

Why I couldn't care less about clemens vs mcnamee

Without further a do, here are my 3reaZons why I couldn't care less about this Clemens/Mcnamee hearing garbage.

Reason 1: It's just boring. Come on, seriously. ESPN ran a Sportscenter special on this for like the whole day on Wednesday. What kind of ratings did this thing get? I don't want to know. All I know is I personally boycotted ESPN for that whole time. It would've been all day but Maryland was playing at 7 and principles just aren't worth missing a big game.

Reason 2: It's irrelevant. The only thing that could possibly come out that made people change their minds in this hearing would be one of them breaking down and telling congress that they lied. And everyone knows that isn't going to happen, so what do you expect?

Reason 3: Congress should be doing something else. I know it's been said hundreds of times, but I'll say it too. Congress should be making this country a better place by dealing with the war or this terrible deficit. Not interfering with professional sports leagues. This country is ridiculous

This concludes 3reaZons for now.
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